Kegal Chair

The Kegel Chair is a non-invasive and painless treatment that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to contract which causes a strengthening of the area. The treatment may be suitable for a range of weakened pelvic floor issues in both men and women, including incontinence, postpartum strengthening leading to improved bladder control, fecal incontinence and improving sexual function of both men and women.

Our Kegel Chair utilises revolutionary Electro Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) for the non-invasive treatment of urinary incontinence.

kegelEX technology is used to stimulate the pelvic muscles and restore neuromuscular control. A single session causes thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, achieving muscle re-education after a course of treatments


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Individual Treatment350315
6 Treatment Pack1650
10 Treatment Pack 2500

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Indications the Kegel Chair may help with

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Postpartum pelvic
  • floor strengthening
  • Benign prostatic
  • Hyperplasia
  • Prostatitis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Sexual anaesthesia

Whether the changes are due to menopause, childbirth or by age, there is an increasing number of men and women seeking treatments to combat urinary incontinence. More than a third of women between 45 and 50 years avoid sports and physical activity due to fear of an episode of incontinence. Approximately 54% of women suffering from undiagnosed incontinence lose self-confidence, and in half of these cases, they lose physical intimacy with their partner.

Involuntary, uncontrolled urination or urinary incontinence is observed when muscles of the pelvic floor and the bladder’s muscles do not function correctly since they are either too weak or overly active. This unpleasant problem affects people of all sexes and ages.

Stress IncontinenceUrine leakage due to reduced function of pelvic floor muscles during coughing, sneezing or other physical activities• Mainly postpartum women
Urge IncontinenceUrine leakage after an urgent need to urinate due to over active urinary bladder• All ages
• Mainly mature women
Mixed IncontinenceCombination of stress and urge incontinence• Older female patients in post menopause


Is the treatment uncomfortable or painful?
Most clients feel no discomfort or pain during the treatment. If clients feel that the intensity of the stimulation is too strong; treatments can be adjusted to lower the intensity.

How many treatments are required?
Some clients may feel immediate results in some cases. Others may require 2 to 3 treatments per week, over a 3 to 4 week period.

Is there any downtime?
No. Clients can go back to their normal day-to-day activities immediately after their treatment